"I like the timely response and thorough explanations for unusual problems. With a network of over 105 banks, to know that they keep up with the security contacts for each location—and work directly with individual banks to be sure they are aware of when they can expect service or to make personnel in those locations fully comprehend what is going on—is invaluable to me. All of my locations know who the normal tech is by sight and by name.


"They stay late on jobs to finish up when things are not going quite right rather than make a job last an extra day. One tech needed to make an emergency call to one of our banks in the North Georgia mountains on a Saturday and knew that they were waiting on him. Since it would be close to closing time before he got there, he took the time to call on the drive up twice to let them know where he was and how much longer it would take to get there. They come through time and time again."


Julia T. Windham
Manager, AVP
Project Management Office
United Community Bank


Our highly experienced associates have expertise with brands such as Mosler, Diebold, Lefebure and National Safe Company. Combine their skill with our quicker response time, and it adds up to a higher level of satisfaction for you. You spend less time waiting for service than you would with a larger company. We’re growing, but we’ll never be too big to care for our customers!


We offer full service for your security equipment:

  • Vaults
  • Vault lock-out protection
  • Combination changes
  • Lock repairs / rotations / replacements
  • Safe deposit drillings
  • Closed circuit TV and digital video
  • Alarm monitoring
  • ATMs
  • Drive-in windows
  • Tube systems